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QuanVerge Inc


Private, Independent and Tenacious


  • Advanced batteries, fuel cells and clean hydrogen

  • Water re-use, purification and sterilization

  • Clean and sustainable electro-synthesis of materials

  • Novel nano-scale and micron scale coating technologies

We started our journey over 30 years ago providing non-obvious, deep tech solutions to large scale, high impact challenges. Clients included DOD, DOE, aerospace, energy and utility companies, City, State and government agencies and often included close consultation with regulatory authorities and certifying agencies.

This led to a growing portfolio of IP and start-up technology businesses, which continued us on our journey to explore the edges (Verge) of the unknowable and uncertain (Quantum) in technology and applied science.

With multiple successful technology spinouts, licenses and IPOs completed, and many lessons learned along the way, we have the independence and maturity to take the long view, sort signal from noise, and drive from concept to commercial scale.

Our portfolio of Ebonex® materials, IP and know-how, helps us deliver exceptional value and performance, to our clients, strategic partners and licensees.  Our founders are the pioneers in Magnéli Phase materials.  These becoming the "go to" materials for advanced electrodes, catalyst supports and sensors.  With 3 decades' experience developing optimal deployments of these uniquely capable materials in water treatment, advanced batteries and other applications, we have expanded our Ebonex branded portfolio far beyond the original Ti4O7 based materials.

Our skill is in understanding how to take first of kind technologies from concept to product; how to manage project risk, where to find the force multipliers; and how to minimize start-up capital and resources. 


These skills come from doing, learning and improving. Skills not often found in conventional research centers.


First of kind technologies are unique
Many of the great ideas, the scientific and technological breakthroughs that really transformed humanity, occurred outside of the mainstream academic fields. 
Tesla, the Wright brothers, and Sir Henry Royce didn't have a formal education in their chosen fields.  Pancini's discovery of the cholera bacillus, was ridiculed and ignored for several decades, because of the intellectual investment in the "miasma theory".
Interdisciplinary collaboration is the key but a challenge to get right

We work to create a common understanding between research fields - often the biggest challenge as fields and disciplines become ever more specialized.

We learned that advanced in one field of application are often unknown to problem owners in another. 


Many and probably most of our biggest success have been the application of a known and proven approach in one filed to a seemingly intractable problem in another.

Just because others tried and failed, that doesn't mean we should not try again.  New knowledge equals new possibilities.


We start from first principles, question every assumption and re-validate our models - knowing that advances in understanding can and will re-write everything we think we understand.

Strategic Milestones



Founded as consultants in electrochemical technologies for DOD, DOE, EPA and industrial clients, leveraging our novel Ebonex® electrodes and background in RedOx electrochemistry



Closed our first technology sale and founded in-house "Deep Tech Accelerator" to continue forming and spinning-off battery, metals refining and water technologies. Launched 3 additional start-ups



Continued founding and launching portfolio businesses.

Survived the global market crash. 

Expanded Ebonex® materials portfolio with new applications in water treatment



Planned wind-down of our Deep Tech Accelerator - last portfolio business launched via IPO.


Acquired complementary technologies to focus on next generation electrode materials



Launched expanded range of Ebonex® branded materials and coatings for electrodes, catalyst supports, sensors and other applications.

Secured launch partners for commercial scale applications



Closed our first sale of a commercial coating system.

Accelerated applications of Ebonex in batteries, hydrogen, synthetic fuels and water treatment.

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