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QuanVerge Inc

Ebonex® Design Engineering

Engineering Designs for Success


As an established leader in electrochemistry, we can leverage our 3 decades of IP and know-how, to deliver the application engineering, scale-up and implementation skills necessary for success for our clients. We provide application specific design engineering to optimize Ebonex® form and function for each client’s needs.

In-depth knowledge on complex advanced technological processes including:

  • High-capacity energy storage systems

  • Corrosion resistant coatings

  • Water treatment and re-use

  • Metals & materials recovery technologies

  • Quantum computing and micro-electronics materials

Methods Expertise


Coating and application engineering Ebonex® for specific usages

Usage and Lifetime


Exceed performance and lifetime expectations

Testing and R&D


Directly working to improve new deep tech applications

Design Engineers Equiped with the Knowledge and Expertise to Guarentee Success

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