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QuanVerge Inc

Ebonex® Optimization Services

Optimize for Application Success


Just as our materials can be optimized for specific applications and scale of use, we provide our client with the services to optimize product and business strategies. As an established leader in this field, we can leverage our 3 decades of IP and know-how, to deliver the application engineering, scale-up and implementation skills necessary for success for our clients. 

QuanVerge was formed to provide advisory services to high growth businesses in renewable energy, energy storage, materials recovery, and clean water. Our skill is in understanding how to take first of kind technologies from concept to product; how to manage project risk, where to find the force multipliers; and how to minimize start-up capital and resources. These skills come from doing, learning, and improving — skills not often found in conventional research centers.

  • Business, finance and GTM strategies

  • Match the delivery and scale-up to the GTM strategy, scale of operation and TRL

  • R&D, prototype development, IP strategy, and due diligence

  • Business and competitor intelligence and data analytics

  • Leverage decades of experience in materials and process development in batteries, Fuel Cells, H2, water treatment and related fields

Ebonex® Optimizing Services

Business, Finance and GTM Strategies

Delivery and Scale-up from GTM, Scale of Operation Strategies

R&D, Prototype Development, IP Strategy, Due Diligence, TRL

Business and Competitor Intelligence and Data Analytics

Advanced Deep Tech Development 

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