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Quanverge and Plasma Quest Ltd Announces Substancial Contract with the US Government

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

QuanVerge Inc and Plasma Quest Ltd and are pleased to announce that they have secured a substantial contract with the US government to supply a Plasma Quest Ltd advanced plasma coating system for use in materials research.

Reno, NV based QuanVerge ( develops and provides its Ebonex® range of advanced materials and coatings for use in electronics, photo-optics, and as electrodes and catalyst supports for or energy storage, renewable energy, water treatment and other applications.

Dr. Stephen Clarke, founder, and CEO of QuanVerge commented: “this is a huge step forward for us and a clear validation that we are on the right path. Advanced materials and coatings that support highly oxidizing anodic potentials and low resistance electron transport will enable the next big advances in renewable energy, energy storage, water re-use and intelligent sensors. Our mission is to remain a leader in this field as we work to expand the range and capabilities of our Ebonex® materials.”

Hook, UK based Plasma Quest Ltd, ( develops and supplies its proprietary HiTUS range of advanced research tools and coating processes. Plasma Quest Ltd’s proprietary Plasma Vapor Deposition technology provides exceptional levels of control, precision, and conformity to deliver complex coatings ranging from a nanometer to micrometers thick, with bespoke, tune able, transmissivity, conductivity, and morphology.

Prof. Mike Thwaites, founder and CEO of Plasma Quest Ltd commented ”this is a clear validation of the capabilities of our HiTUS proprietary technology and our equipment’s capabilities, which overcomes many limitations of magnetron sputtering. HiTUS technology benefits from high target utilization, no feedback control required during reactive sputtering and ability to sputter from thick ferromagnetic targets.”

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