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What is Ebonex®?

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Ebonex® Stephen Clarke 2010 QuanVerge Inc
2010 Ebonex® materials taken by Stephen Clarke in Alameda

It is said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. However, not all “Magnéli materials” are created equal. We are the original and the quality leader, because our Ebonex® brand has been built on the following key principles:


#1 Differentiation through Technology and Quality Leadership

Ebonex® is a range of Magnéli materials and application technologies. We started 3 decades ago with the original Ti4O7 but over those 3 decades, we have developed this into a broad range of precisely formulated materials, coatings, and products. These include greatly enhanced versions, which offer the same or better conductivity as the original, but with significantly extended oxidation resistance, a broader range of forms, specific surface area and application methods.

One key to this enhanced performance is to avoid even ppb levels of contamination. Unlike offerings by others, our enhanced stability does not derive from alkali metal residue from our production process, as we found that even ppm levels of alkali metal “stabilizers” negatively impact the performance of the materials and processes in which they are used.

Our enhanced stability and conductivity derive from a fundamentally novel approach to the formation of the Magnéli shear planes for which multiple new patents are in process.

#2 Integrity and Shared Success

Our business model is to help our customers succeed. A large part of what we do is application engineering. We help our customers and partners select the appropriate grade of Ebonex® and work with them to establish optimized applications, advising on cell design, operating parameters and material form and supply. We don’t see bulk supply as an effective business strategy for value enhancing materials and will actively help our customers avoid waste and extend electrode life. We don’t seek bulk supply opportunities but typically look to embed our coating processes directly into our customer’s or partner’s production line and/or supply chain.

We recognize that our customers’ investment in intellectual property is of critical importance. Our materials and processes equipment suppliers are trusted partners of the highest integrity, based in the US and EU under secure agreements. Our supply chain is fully traceable and accountable.

#3 Community and Security

Mutually beneficial collaboration is in our DNA. Whether this is collaborating with partners to deliver world changing technologies, processes and products, or ensuring that we are a positive presence in the communities in which we operate. We take this a step further and work to ensure that the communities in which we choose to operate, are a positive influence on us.

After carefully evaluating various potential partners and locations in the PRC, we took the decision to withdraw completely, following negative experiences with misrepresentation, IP theft, poor environmental husbandry, and supply chain risk. We believe that we are the only supplier of Magnéli Phase materials to be completely independent of PRC risk and influence.

Ebonex Magneli Phase materails
Ebonex ® Brand

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